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Miami Heat Team Captains

Dr. Selesnick with Miami Heat team captains Shaquille O'Neil and Dwyane Wade at the 2006 NBA Championships.
Miami Heat Center

Dr. Selesnick with Miami Heat center Alonzo Mourning.
Julio Iglesias

An autographed photograph from Julio Iglesias to Dr. Selesnick.
Minnesota Timberwolves

Dr. Selesnick with the Minnesota Timberwolves' Kevin Garnett.
Vince Carter's

Dr. Selesnick examining Vince Carter's ankle 
at the Olympics in Sydney, Australia.
Anna Kournikova
Dr. Selesnick with tennis star Anna Kournikova.
Los Angeles

Dr. Selesnick with former Los Angeles Lakers Head Coach
and current Chicago Bulls Assistant Coach Del Harris.
Inaugural Miami Heat Team

Dr. Selesnick with the inaugural Miami Heat team.
Horace Grant

Dr. Selesnick at work on Orlando Magic forward Horace Grant, during a game with the Miami Heat.
Universal Studios

Dr. Selesnick with the Miami Heat at Universal Studios in Orlando.
Michael Jordan

Dr. Selesnick with Michael Jordan at the NBA All-Star Game.
Tracy Kerdyk

An autographed photo from LPGA golfer Tracy Kerdyk, saying:  "To the Best Doc!  Thanks for helping me with my shoulder."
Jason Kidd

Dr. Selesnick with Jason Kidd.
Lady Sharks

Dr. Selesnick with the Lady Sharks.
Mary Joe

Dr. Selesnick with WTA Tour Pro Mary Joe Fernandez, a Miami resident.
Men's World Championship

Dr. Selesnick with the 1998 USA Men's World Championship Team.  Dr. Selesnick was the team physician.
Miami Heat Coach

Dr. Selesnick with the Miami Heat coach, Pat Riley.
Razor Ruddick

An autographed photo from Razor Ruddick saying: "Dr. Selesnick, thank you for helping me out."
Tim Hardway

Dr. Selesnick with the Miami Heat's Tim Hardaway.
Gold Medal Basketball Team

Dr. Selesnick with the 2000 USA Men's Olympic Gold Medal Basketball Team.
Dwayne Wade
Dr. Selesnick with Miami Heat player Dwayne Wade.
Cris Carter's

Cris Carter's autographed picture for Dr. Selesnick.  Message says: "Thanks for all your help, you've done a Super Job!  God Bless!"
Jimmy Buffett

Dr. Selesnick with Jimmy Buffett.
Dr. Selesnick
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Reconstructive Shoulder Surgery
Knee Joint Replacement
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